How We Create Your Perfect Mattress

At EURI, we give you comprehensive control over your mattress and allow you to choose the firmness, exterior features and even aesthetics.

The EURI mattress is flippable. Every mattress comes with one firm side, which guarantees the best mattress support. You choose either soft or medium for the other side and ultimately have the best of both worlds.

The Design Process

Choose your size:
Single, King Single, Double, Queen or King.

Personalised your firmness:
Side one: firm.
Side two: your choice of soft or medium.

Decide on the trim colours:
Your choice of five attractive colours for the top and bottom mattress trim. Have them match or change them up for a unique look.

Sides selection:
Vented sides: for a cooler night's sleep.
Quilted sides: for warmth.

Pick a cover:
Soft knit: made from hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial materials.
Premium cotton: natural, unbleached breathable cotton.

Now We Make Your Mattress

We don't start making your mattress until we have your order. Once we start, your mattress will be made within 48 hours.

Dispatch & Delivery

We will dispatch your mattress within two days of its construction. View our estimated delivery times here.

Sleep on the Bed of Your Dreams

Unbox your mattress, let it settle into shape and get ready for your most comfortable night's sleep.

Let’s get started! Design your perfect mattress now.